Pandemic and Immigration Process

New Zealand has one of the best world-class health systems and offers a great lifestyle. The country is known for its progressive steps and a commendable happiness index. New Zealand has been applauded by the world for their efforts in containing the pandemic, all because of their well maintained medical infrastructure. New Zealand government had provided undisputed support to the medical fraternity to control the pandemic. All this while, the country had closed its border with few relaxations for medical emergencies and related logistics. At the peak of the pandemic, the country required more registered nurses for serving their medical needs and not many immigration agencies knew the authentic way of placing international aspirants in New Zealand.

Derrick Jones, a leading New Zealand immigration consultant has been applauded for its effort in placing aspiring nurses even during the pandemic. Without a doubt, they are one of the few immigration consultant in India that have successfully processed the most number of visa applicants during the pandemic. Derrick Jones has successfully placed registered nurses in various medical institutions in New Zealand for over a decade. Derrick Jones Management encourages a smooth international career transition for qualified nurses in India. They carry out your Nursing Council of New Zealand enlistment as a Registered Nurse at an affordable budget. The administrations incorporate services like Competence Assessment Program (CAP) admissions, visa application processing and airport pick up from New Zealand air terminals, affordable accommodation arrangements in New Zealand and work and residence visa application handling through licensed Immigration Advisers. We provide unrelenting assistance until you procure employment in New Zealand as a Registered Nurse.

Derrick Jones provides personalised services, understanding the stress of many job-seeking registered nurses during the pandemic. Many had left their hope of immigration as many immigration consultants were not offering a solid resolution for applicants. Registered nurses are unaware of many options they had in pursuing their immigration plan during the pandemic. ‘I had finished my AHPRA registration last year and was unable to find the right agent who could help me reach Australia or New Zealand to find a job’, says Sheeba, a registered nurse now working at a hospital in Auckland. Sheeba's main concern was the time she was wasting on non-productive agencies who were burning her pocket. Derrick Jones management promptly found the right opportunity for her and arranged an interview for her within a month.

In between the pandemic, immigration agencies had a bad time placing applicants abroad but Derrick Jones management was able to make visa arrangements for clients within 2 months of successful completion of the interview. Applicants on arrival in New Zealand were provided with quarantine facilities and Derrick Jones management made sure that everyone felt safe and home.

If you are a registered nurse finding it tough to secure a job in New Zealand, then Derrick Jones is the right place for you. Derrick Jones has an experience of more than 20 years in placing qualified nurses in New Zealand. The team makes sure that every applicant documents are verified and submitted precisely within the stipulated time. Every client is assessed for eligibility and advice is provided by the team.

You may forward your CV (Curriculum Vitae) to to have a quick assessment of your eligibility with regard to becoming a Registered Nurse in New Zealand. If you would like to have a confidential talk with one of our experienced application processing team members, please request a talk and we will be in contact with you shortly. Contact Derrick Jones at +91 97780 42441.

‘I would highly recommend Derrick Jones and its management team to aspiring nurses’, Sheeba adds.

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